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Broadwater County, in coordination with the US Bureau of Reclamation, has developed a Master Plan for the Silos Recreation Area north of Townsend, MT. Building on the Framework Plan completed in 2018, the Master Plan outlines infrastructure and amenity improvements for a preferred development alternative based on evaluation of existing and projected conditions at the site, environmental constraints, and improvement costs. The Master Plan considers:

  • Parking, access, and traffic flow

  • Bay improvements such as excavation, protection, docks, and boat ramps

  • Camping unit designs and amenities

  • Facility amenities including restrooms, gazebos, and common/group areas

  • Paths, trails, sidewalks, and accommodations for individuals with disabilities

  • Landscape design concepts and vegetation

  • Wet utilities including drinking water, sewer, and storm water

  • Dry utilities including electric power, lighting, and communications

  • Permitting and environmental clearances

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